Fr Oliver Coss SSC
Clerical Chairman

Welcome to Forward in Faith Birmingham

We are a group of inclusive traditionalist Anglican Catholics in the Diocese of Birmingham, who are members of the world wide organisation Forward in Faith and we seek to uphold and practise the faith of the Apostles as seen in the life of the Universal Church.

We believe that the foundation upon which the Church of England is built is the catholic faith, expressed in the creeds and lives of the saints throughout the ages.

We believe that in His plan of salvation for the world, God bestows upon us his gifts by the power of the sacraments, through which the universal church is bound together as one. Christ enables the sacraments through his priests, who following scripture, tradition and reason, we believe can only be male. 

We seek the renewal of the Church throughout the world, by our prayers, witness and fellowship and welcome anyone who wishes to know more about our life together.

For a more detailed analysis of our mission please see the FiF communion statement at

Forward in Faith Birmingham


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