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Forward in Faith

London Diocese is a region of
Forward in Faith UK
and part of
Forward in Faith International

  • We are committed to the catholic faith as the Church of England received it, and to proclaiming it afresh in this generation.
  • We uphold catholic order and the catholic doctrine of the sacraments, and in particular the threefold ministry in historic succession, which the Church of England shares with the Church throughout the world and across the ages.
  • We long for the visible unity of Christ's Church, and especially for communion between the Church of England and the rest of the Western Church.
  • We support the work of Forward in Faith by organising events, pilgrimages and helping to communicate national concerns locally. We also support work in promoting vocations and work closely with the Southwark region of Forward in Faith.

"The Church of England has no doctrine of its own
save that of the one Holy, Catholic, Apostolic Church"

Geoffrey Fisher, Archbishop of Canterbury

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