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Welcome to
Religious of orthodox Tradition
“the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he will teach you all things” (John 14:26)

We are Professed Religious of the Anglican Communion who seek to be vigilant to that great Tradition of the Church in which the Holy Spirit guides and leads Christians
“into all truth” (John 16:13) as promised by Jesus our Lord

We  represent

  • Professed Religious from the worldwide Anglican Communion, who adhere to the vision and faith of the first apostles and the Undivided Church of the first thousand years and to the great Tradition of the Holy Spirit, leading and guiding the Church in every age.
  • We unite ourselves with the Founding Fathers of monasticism and the religious life originating in the deserts of Egypt and Palestine during the 4th Century, and with their commitment to prayer, conversion of life and God’s work of sanctification in each of us.
  • We are pledged to remain faithful to the truth of this Tradition in the contemporary Church where human differing viewpoints are often at work. We believe that opinions on those matters that necessitate a decision in communion with the universal Church, require of us patience and forbearance rather than hasty and impetuous action that further divides the Church.
  • We seek to safeguard therefore a proper place in the Church of England for religious who are in conscience unable to accept the ordination of women as bishops or priests.
    Our task is one of reconciliation and mutual understanding, whilst upholding the freedom and rights of all, especially of those religious who have been marginalised by these decisions of our Church.          
  • We are committed to work towards the unity of all Christians and the healing of the wounds in Christ’s Body, the Church, especially the unity of the Eastern and Western halves of the Church. We support all movements and persons who are sincerely working in that direction.